Miracle Deliverance Outreach Ministries
500 Horseshoe Circle . Columbia South Carolina . 29223
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224 Horseshoe Circle,Columbia SC 29223

                                    Apostle Gwendolyn C. Taylor


Apostle Gwendolyn C. Taylor  is the founder of Miracle Deliverance Outreach Ministries. She has been called to lead the people of God to fulfill their destiny in Him.  She is a native of Davis Station, South Carolina.  Her loving parents are Eddie and Mazell Cain.  She has two brothers and seven sisters.  
As the virtuous woman of her household, she understands the significance of building her home and knows how to separate her role of leadership in the House of God to become the nurturing and supportive wife of her husband, Pastor Willie F. Taylor.  She extends her ongoing love to many spiritual sons and daughters.  She is a true mother of Zion. 

While residing in Boston, Massachusetts, she had an encounter
with God.  He gave her instructions to return to South Carolina to be an Ambassador for His sake and His sake only.   As the Apostle, she shepherds the flock with joy and tenacity.  Her compassion for the people of God and their needs is infinite!

Her fervent passion for prayer is the foundational principle of Miracle Deliverance Outreach Ministries.  Prayer is the distinguishing symbol of this apostolic ministry. The power of prayer is so prevalent throughout her life that it leaves an everlasting impression on those who come in contact with her.  Through fervent prayer and fasting, deliverance and restoration has taken place, the dead have been raised, blinded eyes have been opened, and many signs and wonders have been manifested throughout her ministry.  She often declares  "God I don't want your Glory, I just want to be used for Your Glory". 

She contributes her spiritual development to her mother in the Lord, the late Chief Apostle Ocelia Blue of Davis Station, South Carolina.  Apostle Taylor continues to carry the mantle that was placed upon her life and she is commissioned to equip her spiritual sons and daughters to also do a work for the Lord without compromise.  Apostle Taylor is now being spiritually mentored by her spiritual father, Bishop William L. Washington of Greensboro, North Carolina.

She has received three academic degrees: a Doctorate of Sacred Theology, a Masters of Divinity and a Bachelors of Religious Education.

She is an apostolic pioneer, prayer warrior, demon destroyer, prophet who pursues truth from the Word of God.  Through the apostolic anointing  and prophetic wisdom that she carries she ministers to the multitudes.   

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